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Exposes.net had a long established history of reliable journalism and controversial opinions. Out of that grew an extraordinary following. The articles our users and readers submitted were quoted in numerous papers and Journals. And then it all went south in 2009.

We are back, with a plan to remain relevant and online for a long long time now.

We have since come to realize that our identity has been defined not only by our history in investigative journalism, but by the contributions of our readers and the efforts of a worldwide community of people who want to make the world a better place.

We hope to be a source of information, a call for unity amongst the citizen communities. We endeavor to create a foundation for building bridges currently being decimated by the actions and misdeeds of the rich and the corrupt.

We invite our readers to contact us, provide us with information and tips and write articles or opinion pieces for us. We ask only that you please add citations where applicable. We hold privacy in high regard and safeguard the anonymity of our contributors unless instructed otherwise.

We ask that if you like the information on this site, please share, please like and please follow. Since this is our second iteration of the site, you may need to re-follow even if you had already been following our initial endeavor. To prevent spam, commenters are required to sign up to either WordPress or a connected social media account before posting.

DISCLAIMER: Exposes.net will from time-to-time republish or upload articles printed on other sites, news-sources, blogs, etc. Our use of those articles is for collection and information purposes only. Under no circumstances is our use of information from other sites indicative of any support or endorsement from the originating site. It should be clearly understood that we do not benefit monetarily or profit in any way from our work on this site and/or our use of information from other sites. We highly recommend that when looking at an article on Exposes.net, you link to the original article for both full information and context and for any updates to the origination article. It is neither our intent to infringe upon nor our belief that we are infringing upon the intellectual property rights of any other website. We believe that when reading any post on Exposes.net, which sites an article or post from a different location, whether in part or in full, the intellectual property terms of use from the original sites may apply. We encourage you to read the articles on their original sites, to subscribe to them, to follow their links and page hits and to help them continue with their business endeavors. We believe that our use of any and all materials falls under the Fair Use Doctrine and is therefore permissible use.

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