Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! We’ll try to post as simple and precise as we can. We don’t do a lot apart from manage this website. We don’t post, or promote, or monetize. Our role is minimal and it is actually our users who run the show. Unfortunately, they are not here to respond to the general queries, so this is all we have to say.

Why do you run Exposes.net?
Why not? The real question is, why aren’t there more websites like exposes.net? If you see something, say something. This simple interaction can protect the society from a lot of crimes, scams and unwanted incidents.
Do you verify each post and comment? If no, then why not?
We don’t have the time or the money. So we can’t and we don’t intend to change our policy. Imagine asking this question to Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook. Why doesn’t he verify everything you post at Facebook? Our objective is to allow the users to publish as they please. If you do not agree with the posted content, there are legal avenues you can consider. The user is responsible for the accuracy of his/her submission, simple. It’s between you, and the user, and we are simply not party to any dispute. This is a free-speech platform and it’ll remain so..
I have the money and I will sue Exposes.net
Good luck.
How do I contact you? I need your mailing address and phone number.
Yeah, and next thing you’ll ask for is where our kids go to school. No thanks. We’ll pass. There’s a contact form (link in footer) for you to get in touch with us.
I posted something and now I want it removed from Exposes.net
Sorry, once published, the content stays published. We remove only in very very very special circumstances.
I'm a PR Firm and want to pay you to remove content
Keep your money. We don’t need it. Thanks.
I have a court order to remove content from Exposes.net
Send it to Google, not us. Exposes.net is not bound by any law to remove content from it’s platform.
What's your email address?
Info at Exposes.net
Will you reveal my identity to anyone?
Only if we’re served a valid subpoena. It’s very rare, but if it happens, you’ll be informed. Other than that, we will never reveal your identity to ANYONE come what may.
Exposes.net is reckless, defamatory and dangerous.
If that’s your opinion, we respect that. We are all for free speech !


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