Bradley Jagroop, Boston, MA, USA

September 2, 2018
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Liars and Cheaters

This disgusting excuse for a man cheated on his gf of 2 years while having unprotected s*x with her. He was found on Tinder, Bumble and Instagram involved with other women while lying to her and even sleeping at her place and forming a relationship with her child who began to admire him!! He is total scum. He also has a very small, uncut you know what, which for some reason sort of curves down when it’s hard instead of up. He is known to last an average of about 2 mins then apologizes profusely for coming too quickly, before finding a napkin to wipe up his j**z for some weird fetish he has. He is a liar a cheater, a narcissistic POS and extremely awkward mama’s boy who refuses to leave her house and actually do something productive with his life.

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