David Miller

November 29, 2018
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Liars and Cheaters

Dave Miller is a lying cheating narcissist. He will try to hook up with other women (specifically younger with daughters) or pregnant women while dating someone. He lies about owning a successful business,a car, a job. While with someone he pretends to be single on social media and will stand away from the girlfriend when another “pretty” girl walks by. He will flirt with them and get their number. He lies about “going to work” when he is actually sneaking out to hook up with someone. He has unprotected sex. He also has anger issues. He doesn’t like the girlfriend to have any sons, he will try to convince the girlfriend to disown them, even choking them when confronted. He smashes doors and objects. His personality switches from overly nice to mean and insulting within minutes. Little things set him off, like if something is moved an inch. Beware of dating this guy!

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