Heidi Richteric Eugene, Oregon

August 29, 2018
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Liars and Cheaters

Be very cautious when dealing with this person. She was in prison for 7 years on charges of ID theft and burglary. While in prison she used “Pen Pal” sites online to attract Men. Her online ad was used to get the person writing to her thinking she was interested in a relationship which is how she wrote it. After writing to her for many months, helping her out by giving her money when she needed it, sending cards, emails ect. she made promises that she has not kept. She recently got released and never heard from her at all. Months of time and energy not to mention money down the drain and no sign of any appreciation for it. Her own family member claimed that she was a sociopathic manipulator and user. Be aware that when dealing with someone out of prison you take a big risk on being used. Her family never even seemed appreciative of the fact that someone was taking their time to help her out. Be warned.

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