kai chapin

November 24, 2018
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Liars and Cheaters

kai chapin 18 yr old 500.00 scholarship winner. The little money barely paid for a 1/4 of a credit. kai never wanted to to use pity to get what she wants. my husband 37 running around with an 18 year old girl. Its not really a mid life crisis because he enjoys f*””*** around with any female who amuses him. kai states on social media she’ll give oral if men have candy, but don’t talk about her boobs because its dehumanizing. she says, “she’ll be extremely buttsore if u discuss her boobs or lack of boob. When my husband says, ” wow, look at the lil boy, she must suffer special needs, or what a fucktard. Means kai is easy to use, bend, twist, and manipulate. Esp when she gets high..quote from kai, “getting high in the bathroom gets old. i am afraid of the way i live my life, i’m afraid of the way I live. i’m afraid that everyone knows i’m a pervert. god won’t give a damn about me. People masturbate, procreate, then hate what little they made. See each other to our graves its sad to know we are not alone. Sad to know there’s no honest way out. -kai chapin Stop spreading ur legs to men who only want to hurt u. Wrote this after he came in ur twat? When I confronted u ran off like a spoiled child, but feel woman enough to spread ur legs to a married man. Oh, doesn’t make u feel uncomfortable.. he’ll never be a home for anyone

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