Mistie Weaks Erwin and Scott Richard Hilder

September 1, 2018
Report Category:
Liars and Cheaters

She a wife to an AD navy sailor and have 3 kids of her own, some time February 2018 she moved to a military housing community in CA with her family and instantly became best friends with nextdoor man who was also married and had 3 kids of his own with his wife, his wife was away on deployment serving her country, while her husband was at home getting very acquainted with his new next neighbor, anyone who met these two thoughts they were married as they were never seem apart from each other went everywhere together a d when the wife comes back from deployment, they could not hide it from , plus most of the neighborhood could not wait for her return to let her know what’s been happening in her absence, when it was all out in the open and she confronted them he took the offense and call the cops and accused his wife of slapping him and got her arrested later on put a restraining order on her and added their children on it, got her kicked out of her own house and then moved his mistress into the house with him.

This people are despicable and they need to pay for what they have done to both their families and the community they live in

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