Suzette M Fuhs (Maish)

September 2, 2018
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Liars and Cheaters

Suzette M Fuhs (Maish) LKA 515 Dunbar Dr. Cumberland, MD , and might possibly still be employed at “American Woodmark” in Cresaptown, MD, is a LIAR, CHEATER, and a NARCISSIST; self absorbed and expects men to take every order she barks!
She cheated on her daughter’s father, went around telling everyone that he was hitting Suzette and beating her, although no marks or scars were found and not even the local police bought her lies. Karma kicked her a*s once with her 2nd husband and father of her second child as he decided he wanted to lay around, get high and bang a couple of whores, in front of both children, while upon draining Suzette’s checking and saving accounts.
After that, the last couple of men she was in a relationship with, Suzette essentially crapped on them – the last one she was as least nice enough to let him get into a section 8 apartment with his disability.
Suzette has also been known to engage in “narcissistic gaslighting”, particularly with the father of her oldest (daughter) child; making visitation difficult on him, and then telling everyone that he was “deadbeat non-existent father. Suzette inherits all of this her mother who is now deceased (thank G*d!)
So, if know Suzette M Fuhs (Maish) of the above last known address, steer clear of that atheist soul sucking wretch. She deserves no love or compassion.
And, she may have had a hand in the fire of a house in Cresaptown as the house was essentially a delapidated “flip job” and was falling down around her – arson and insurance fraud.

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